Excellence in Quality and Customer Service

The project we had asked Derek and Shawn to bid on, and eventually do the work, was replacing just over 500 square feet of carpet and tile with new hardwood installation, lacing that in to existing hardwood floors, and then sanding, staining, and finishing all the existing and new hardwood for a seamless look. Our experience from project start to finish was outstanding, and the end result is even more stunning than we could have imagined!

Besides expressing how happy we are with the final result, we also want to highlight the experience working with Shawn, Derek, and the crew. Throughout the process, from the initial measurement and estimates to even after completion of the project, our questions were always clearly and promptly answered. Communication was professional, courteous, and friendly. Each day, we understood the work that had been completed, the work that was upcoming and planned, and any adjustments or modifications that needed to be discussed.

In addition, they gave detailed attention not to just with the hardwood flooring itself, but to other things such as hunting down and “de-squeaking” loose/misaligned parts of the subfloor, and shimming some missing underlayment in an adjacent bathroom (even though they were not installing flooring in that bathroom)! This is a company and team that is invested in customer satisfaction.

In short, considering the quality of their work and our great experience, we unequivocally recommend Shawn and Derek’s team for installing and/or finishing hardwood floors!

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